FRI SEP 21 2018
Our NewWay brand has been created to offer a unique or improved service or product. All our products have unique features and benefits and are manufactured to our exacting standards in one of our facilities based in Asia, Europe or the Americas.
The eDongle
The eDongle has incorporated the patented WildCharge conductive charging system and works with mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets, MP3's, cameras and almost any other device that has a rechargeable battery or that can be charged through a computer USB port.
Designed to work as a key ring or a convenient small, easy to carry item, the eDongle will hold one of the seven connectors within its own body, so ensuring you always have your own charger with you and ready to use with a WildCharge enabled charge pad.
The standard black eDongle has seven connectors included in the pack, one of each Nokia, SonyEricsson, Samsung, LG, Mini, Micro and female USB.
The alternative is the white eDongle that is supplied with one connector for the Apple devices. This connector charges all the iPhones, iPad and all forms of iPod excluding the Shuffle.

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